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Survive The Primal Wilds

The edges of the known world sit unexplored on the horizon. Above, the heavens hold indecipherable messages from the ancestors. Between these, there is much to discover: a primordial world on the brink of discovery, mythic realms of ancestral beings, a single bastion of civilization tries to resist the changes daring heroes bring to the world, and in the cold depths an ancient secret slumbers.

Savage Dawn is a system-neutral/5e campaign setting that is easy to play using any fantasy roleplaying game. 

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Savage Dawn can be used as a campaign setting or regional expansion of your existing fantasy world. The content is written in a system-neutral fashion and is easily compatible with any TTRPG of choice. Monsters and player options are presented in5e format. Start exploring the mystical and barbaric world of Savage Dawn now.

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Savage Dawn offers a refreshing experience that will make you feel like roleplaying again for the first time, by removing most of the (medieval) cliches, and sending your players into a primal world not structured by technology and governance. Your players are forced to think on their feet. Will they survive and find their way in a barren world without metal, laws, calendars or even written language?

Interactive World Map

As of now most of the icy world is uncharted. Go out and Explore our interactive World Map, and perhaps let us know on Discord what you and your group have discovered? Become a Patreon and help us release monthly new content that gets added to the map such as Quest markers, new locations, npcs and monsters.

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Development & Collaboration

The Savage Dawn campaign setting by Loresmyth is always in development. Join our Discord to enjoy its community aspect, provide feedback and learn more.