Climate & Weather


emperatures in the wilds are classified into four categories, taking into account factors such as wind chill. At the GM’s discretion, additional circumstances such as heavy storms, high altitude, or nightfall may affect these conditions which lower the temperature by one or more levels.

The Relentless Cold

Unless otherwise stated, the wilderness is continually subject to the effects of biting cold and frequently experiences heavy precipitation such as razor hail and ice storms. The surface of the landscape is warped and broken, punctuated with rows of deep crevices and sharp, jutting sheets of ice that make it difficult to traverse. The slippery terrain severely impedes the travel of explorers brave or foolish enough to attempt venturing beyond the safety of their camp or civilization.


While taxing on anyone, those born into this world have grown accustomed to the harsh weather and dress accordingly. Unless characters are not prepared for cold conditions, no negative effects apply in normal cold.

Biting Cold

While venturing into the wilds, temperatures can drop significantly and strong winds make it feel even colder. In areas of Extreme Cold, adventurers need one of the following prerequisites or start taking damage: specialist cold-resistant clothing, a heat source, or good shelter. If these conditions are not met, characters take Light damage each minute while exposed.

Extreme Cold

Proper attire alone means nothing in extremely cold conditions. Even with the thickest of fur coats, the cold pierces through. In Extreme Cold, adventurers need two of the following three prerequisites or start taking damage: specialist cold-resistant clothing, a heat source, or good shelter. If two or more of these conditions are not met, characters take Light damage each minute while exposed and movement speed is halved.

Mythic Cold

Only fabled heroes with magical protection or blessings from the gods dare venture into mortally cold locations. Said to be cursed by angry ancestral spirits, these places are so unimaginably cold, a mere minute can prove fatal for even the most hardened adventurers. Meeting the requirements for protection against Extreme Cold is not enough in areas that are Mythically Cold. Only magical or other special means of protection work here and characters take Heavy damage per round otherwise.


Weather Conditions

You can use the following weather conditions, which can be adjusted to taste according to your gameplay style or narrative needs.

Heavy Snow – While snow is common in the Maw, heavy snow hampers visibility, making it difficult to spot dangers and navigate. Prolonged exposure to heavy snow increases the chances of avalanches and can cause the temperature to drop a level, to Biting Cold or Extreme Cold.

Snow Storm – A snowstorm is even more dangerous than Heavy Snow and slows travel pace to half your movement speed. In addition, it imposes penalties on sight, hearing, and agility related skills. Snowstorms can cause complete Whiteouts, which can quickly cause adventurers to get lost.

Heavy Rain – Heavy rain is most common in marshland areas and taigas. Normal rain creates no negative effects, but Heavy Rain may impose penalties on sight and hearing checks.

Fog, Mist – A thick fog can manifest in hills, mountain passes, icy planes, and caves. Thick fog can be used to hide, but also makes it harder to spot enemies. Fog imposes penalties on sight based skill checks.

Lightning Storm – Deep thunder preludes violent thunderstorms that illuminate the world briefly as flashes of lightning arc across the sky. Characters wearing metal objects in open terrain have a 5% chance of being struck by lightning, taking Heavy lightning damage when hit.

Razor Hail – Flecks of razor sharp snow and hail rain from the skies, inflicting Medium slashing damage per round of exposure. This dangerous hail is known to pierce light armor made of leather or fur.

Cold Snap – Sudden drops in temperature can catch adventurers off guard. These can be caused by fluctuations in the Prysm energy or naturally occurring. A Cold Snap lowers the temperature in an area by one category. See Temperatures.

Howling Winds – The wind howls across the frozen plains and through rocky crags, sounding like wailing voices. Howling Winds result in a penalty on Hearing based skill checks.

Whiteouts – Without proper precautions (such as marker poles or light beacons), adventurers will almost certainly get lost during whiteouts due to heavy snow. Navigation checks must be made every round of movement to avoid getting lost.


d20Random Weather Conditions
1-2Heavy Snow
3-5Heavy Rain, Downpour
6-8Snow Storm or Howling Winds
9-10Razor Hail or Lightning Storm
11-12Mist, Fog
15-16Cold Snap
17-20Clear Weather, Sunlight


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