Primal Weapons & Armor


Life in Savage Dawn is one of perpetual danger and those that are willing to fight for their survival must be willing to arm themselves with whatever they can find. Even the smallest edge means the difference between life and death. The simplest forms of protection are thick animal hides, blunting the blow of piercing weapons or lashing claws. Warriors craft their weapons from naturally available materials such as stone, wood, and bone. The serrated jaw of a Racca Eel makes for an excellent dagger. Bones from large mammals can be filed into exceptionally sharp spears and blades. Even the most unassuming sliver of rock bound to a pole makes for a vicious armament. Leather is often sewn into vestments that are boiled in oil to harden its surface. More elaborate and protective armor can be fashioned from bone plates, coming from skinned animals and cadavers. Strung together with intestines or fur yarn, these crafted pieces are unique to the wearer, and often adorned with trophies and tribal markings. Being a vital and irreplaceable artifact, sets of armor like this are often religiously maintained for life by its owner and the rare sets of metal armors forged by the Dwarves or recovered from the ruins in the Ethervale are prizes of immeasurable value.

Rare & Magical Items

Metal such as bronze and iron are rare and often times difficult to temper so that they hold an edge or are durable enough to be relied upon as weapons. Dwarves have been devoutly honing their skill at forging metal weapons and armor, working to uncover its intricacies from within the smouldering depths of the mountains. Other races, like the Elves and Kryodon, have relentlessly perfected their skill at archery and combat tactics or gravitated towards attempts at harnessing the raw magical powers of the Prysm.

Wear & Tear

Equipment made from bone, stone, and other scavenged materials often lack significant durability and require upkeep to prevent them from falling apart or losing their edge. Metallic equipment doesn’t suffer from this drawback, which is the primary reason Dwarves are so adamant in mastering the use of the forge. When an item suffers wear and tear, you can repair it in the same way that you would craft an item.

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