Magical, Runic, & Ancestral Weapons

While magical arms, armor, and equipment are incredibly rare, they are not unprecedented. For several decades, the Gnalmyr have been using a
number of processes to prepare Prysm shards and convert them into magical items.

Making Magical Items from Prysm

Artist: Daniel Comerci. Used with permission, all rights reserved.

Prysm crystals that have been refined can also be grafted to existing weapons to make them magical: crystalline arrowheads can explode with elemental force, swords with a glittering crust of Prysm can shine like sun and cut down the living dead, and magical amulets and rings use Prysm like a foci for the arcane power they hold. Dwarves have their own approach to crafting magic items. Their study of the fundamental nature of the world has allowed them to develop a language of runes that, when properly carved and combined upon an object, imbues an item with magical power. The Stone of Controlling Earth Elementals is the best-known example of the dwarven artifice. Most magical items of this type are composed primarily of stone, though wood and bone are also requently engraved with the runes of power known to the dwarves. Some runes, referred to as Moonrunes only unleash their magical powers under starlight.

Mythical Items

Artist: Daniel Comerci. Used with permission, all rights reserved.

In addition to these manufactured magical weapons, there are artifacts and treasures stashed in the hordes of the Ancestrals of the Ethervale. These ancient wares are one with the ephemeral substance of the spirits that reside there. Most have a translucent, insubstantial appearance and move as though weightless. Many appear to have been weathered by the passage of centuries but are as intact as if newly made. Weapons like the Sword of Ossoth, Moonblade and Varusk’s Dagger of Vengeance are examples of these Ancestral magic items. Their origins are lost to history, with few resources left to discover their provenance or the full scope of what magic they can unleash.

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