Using Crafting Slates

Using Crafting Slates

Successfully crafting items requires three things:

  • Know how to make the item
  • Have the required materials
  • Succeeding at crafting it

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The knowledge of how to make certain objects is usually passed down through generations in the form of Crafting Slates. Successful crafting endeavors are chronicled on these Crafting Slates which come in a variety of shapes and forms. On a slate is recorded a proven combination of materials and its crafting outcome. Some are a more durable or deadly variation on a basic weapon, others are truly mythical objects of unrivaled power. The incredible lore of crafting permeates the world, taking on different shapes depending on culture, leading to staggering variety. Seeking out new crafting recipes is often a reason for adventurers to embark on new quests, seeking out a fabled hermit battle master, item diviner, or wasteland tribe that is said to have discovered a way to fabricate fire arrows. The time-worn saying “knowledge is power” rings true.

In addition to the name, description, and characteristics of the item, each Crafting Slate details fabricating materials. Common requirements are: one or more rare material components, your character to be of a certain level to craft and wield it, can only be crafted by a certain race or class, or require you to succeed at multiple successful skill checks, instead of just beating the DC once.

Sample Crafting Slate

(illus. left) 

  • Materials – Making an item starts with acquiring the materials. Common materials include bone, wood, stone, and leather, but more complex items will require equally exotic components. Most special effects are imbued upon an item through the use of extraordinary materials.
  • Requirements – Sometimes an item can only be fabricated and wielded by characters that meet specific requirements. These can be Character Level, Race, Class, or other special prerequisites.
  • Multiple Crafting DC’s – When an item lists more than one Crafting DC number (eg. 15, 14, 10), it means you need to succeed at all Skill checks to successfully create the item. Depending on how many Crafting attempts your game master allows per session, you can retry failed rolls until you manage to beat the required DC’s.


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