Crafting Materials

Materials & Properties

Artist: Daniel Comerci. Used with permission, all rights reserved

T he world is filled with natural materials which can be used to craft your own items. From a simple sliver of sharp rock to the dust of an Ancestral spirit, crafting materials come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from common to extremely rare. Indeed, crafting components can be tremendously valuable to those seeking it, making it a perfect trade good. In a world where there is not yet a common currency – raw materials are your treasure.


acornsLarge nut that grows from an oak tree. It turns from green to brown when fully ripe. Primarily used for sustenance. Often, they are used as sling ammunition. common
amberA yellow/orange/brown gemstone made from fossilized tree resindecorativeuncommon
amethystA semiprecious quartz gemstone light violet to deep purple in colordecorativeuncommon
ancestral dustsmall amounts of this fine powder can be collected from recently defeated incorporeal beings in the EthervaleUsed as a spell component it can slightly increase any necrotic damage caused. Carrying too much of it will draw the attention of incorporeal beingslegendary
angler behemoth's beaconthe tentacles of this huge beast glow with a pulsating lightThe angler behemoth's glowing jelly-like liquid can be applied directly to living tissue. The tissue will glow for up to an hour or until it gets wet. Useful for tracking in low-light conditionsrare
acanthusplant with spiny leaves and white and purple flowersnectar is harvested for anti-venom rare
aven cropMuscular pouch in the esophagus of the aven, an intelligent carrion birdIf the crop is removed and thrown it will break open and magically outline all objects and creatures in red (even invisible) within 20' uncommon
bell-heatherA low, spreading shrub with needle-like leaves and bell-shaped, purple flowers (sometimes white flowers)The purple flowers are used as decoration while the rarer white flowers can be chewed to relieve exhaustioncommon
yellow poppyA shrub with bell-shaped yellow flowersA mild narcotic. Typically smoked from a pipe. Can be addictiveuncommon
willow or "tongue plant"A low shrub with round, shiny green leaves and red or yellow clustered flowersWillow twigs are used as fuel, while the decayed flowers are mixed with moss and used as wicking in oil lamps. The plant is used for several medicinal purposes, including relieving toothache, helping to stop bleeding, curing diarrhea and indigestion, and as a poultice on wounds. Some tribes are known to eat parts of the arctic willow which contains needed vitamins.common
tuska natural weapon composed mostly of dentineused as a piercing weapon and as a form of decoration and ornamentation. Scrimshaw on larger tusks is common.common
astragalus root or "goat's thorn"shrub with short branches and thornsgood against cold and heart diseasecommon
baleena filter-feeder system consisting of keratin inside the mouths of whalesused in basketweaving and for making bows
basalta dark volcanic rockUsed in construction and for making statuesuncommon
bay leafleaves of medium-sized tree with white flowersgood for ear infections, to treat mild burns, and rashes caused by poisonous plant sap. When dried it is used as a spice and smoking meat. A child's game is whoever finds the bay leaf in their meal gets to make a wishuncommon
bearberry or "uva-ursi"shrub with short branches and thornsEdible and used in tea medicinally for minor ailmentscommon
beechtree Firewood, construction, and as a writing material. Tree also has edible nutscommon
berriesvarying sizes and colors but care must be taken to avoid poisonous varietiesprovides a small amount of nutritioncommon
birchtree The tree's bark is removed in sheets and is used for everything from papering the exteriors of small watercraft and shelters to making baskets, artwork, and maps. Some claim it offers protection from lightning. The twigs are a common decoration.common
eggvarying sizes from fitting in a human hand to the size of a human skull and even largereggs from wild animals that can be domesticated are used for trade. Smaller eggs are not uncommon as a food source except for the Drifts where eggs are rare
black diamonda high carbon coalused as a domestic fuelrare
black lichenNot a plant but actually a composite organismcan be used in breads, porridges, and soups and medicinally to treat chest coughs and as a laxative
bloodvaries depending on creature. The most common uses for blood are to tan leather and to create pigmentscommon
boiled leathercommonly used to make armor and roofs
bonehard whitish tissue making up the skeletonA common substitute for wood. Used as both an effective blunt weapon or sharpened for impaling/thrusting. Also has numerous utilitarian functions such as a cutting or scraping tool and to create snow goggles or fishing hooks,
bone marrowtissue found inside bonecommon food sourcecommon
bone platea bony deposit that forms platesused in the manufacture of heavy armor. Bulky but effective. Can be treated to continue to be able to soak up heat from the sununcommon
bone meala combination of ground bone and slaughter-house waste productsIt is used as an organic fertilizer for plants and as a nutritional supplement for animals.
boom plant seed or "qarax"Long stemmed plant with black bell-shaped pods containing seedsIt is actually the pods themselves not the seeds that explode. If carefully harvested the stem and pod can be removed as one piece and stored. When thrown the stem falls away producing a sonic explosion when the pod makes contact with a surface. The seeds and concussion can be used as a distraction or to cause small amounts of damagerare
brainvarious sizes, colors, and effectsBrains from creatures found in the Maw have been known to be consumed and used for the detection of nearby magic, temporary telepathic powers, and limited protection of mind-affecting magic. Skywhale brains are not known for any powers but are considered a delicacy in the Stronghold.common
bronzean alloy metalHighly sought after for weapons, armor, tools and musical intruments. Extremely limited in quanity.rare
calendula a plant with golden petalsThe petals are edible and can be used fresh in salads. A yellow dye has been extracted from the flowers.
Some tribes use them in rituals and ceremonies, sometimes wearing crowns or garlands made from the flowers. Ointments are made from it to treat wounds, scars, and aches
cedartreecrafting wood used for furnishings and musical instruments. Naturally water and insect repellent
chamomilea daisy-like plantherbal remedy for sleep and against belly aches
chestnutsA tree with edible nutsThe nuts can be eaten raw, roasted, or turned into flour
clawa natural weapon composed mostly of keratineused as a slashing weapon and as a form of decoration and ornamentation.
claya finely-grained malleable natural rock that hardens when driedUsed in the construction of buildings, pottery, and ovens. "Grog" refers to old pottery that is crushed back down and re-used in new potterycommon
coalblack or brownish-black rock formed from plant matterused as a domestic fuelcommon
conchlarge snails whose shell has a high spire used as food, decorations, and as musical or religious wind instruments. Rarely they can produce pearls
coppera pinkish orange metalUsed in its naturally occurring form or to create bronze. Used on its own to make jewelry, arrow heads, tools, and some weaponscommon
coralmarine invertebrates that grow in colonies. Can be many different colors.Its many colors make it popular for decoration and ornamentation. Crushed coral is used to treat indigestion
corianderan herb that can grow knee high with white or yellowish flowerspopularly used as a spice either dried or fresh
cottongrassa plant with slender, grass-like leaves. The seed heads are covered in a fluffy mass of cotton-like fibersPaper and the wicks of candles have been made of its fiber, and pillows stuffed with the same material.
darksteela very rare dark metalits rarity makes any magical properties unknown. It could be a naturally occuring opposite to mythril, with darksteel being able to hold necromantic energy better than other materialrare
diamondA jewel that can be found in various colorsTypically traded at a value greater than gemstonesrare
dream essencerare
dream flower sporesActually collected from fern fronds and not flowers but the name is in common usageWhen inhaled by listeners of a bards’ Song of Passage, the listener will always connect to the Ethervale in a safe location rare
dusk shroomA red-capped fungus typicially found in moist cavesEdible uncommon
duskmoon berriesSmall dark blue berriesThe berries ripen after the sun sets and only remain ripe for a few hours. If found and consumed during this time they provide low-light vision. If a creature with darkvision consumes them, or if too many are eaten by any creature, painful sunlight sensitivity will occur when the sun rises
dwarf shruba plant that grows very low to the ground or rooted in rocky cracksedible but very low nutritional value
earvaries depending on creatureRefer to specific creature entries for possible uses
echinacea (coneflower)A flowering plant with purple, pink, or green flowersUsed for minor medicinal needs
ectoplasma gauze-like substance created from spiritiual energy that is normally not visible to the naked eye but darkens and becomes visible as spiritual energy increaseif ectoplasm can be gathered and contained it can be used by those skilled in such matters to produce images of missing friends and family or objects or locations that are desired
emeraldA green gemstoneMore valuable than stones but less valuable them jewels. Used for ornamentation.
Enil wildflowernamed after the Ancestral. Bright blue and star-shaped.Adventurers report waking up to a circle of these wildflowers around them indicating danger for them in the coming day. Worn as a symbol of appeasement when out on a hunt to give good luck. Some say that inhaling steam from boiled wildflowers provide temporary increased insight for making plans.
eyevaries depending on creatureRefer to specific creature entries for possible uses
fanga natural weapon composed mostly of dentineused as a piercing weapon and as a form of decoration and ornamentation. Used as a fastener in some clothing and containers. common
feathervaries depending on creatureCommonly used as fletching for arrows. Some tribes view them as an item of high honor and bestow unique feathers as a sign of honor to someone who has earned it. Encountering someone from one of these tribes means meeting someone of great importancecommon
feverfew (stimulates blood circulation)
firn bark
firn branch
firn sap
firn trunk
fish eggvarious sizes and colorsFood source. cooked or raw ingredientcommon
flaxa cultivated cropused to produce linen, a textile stronger than cotton. Considered a "pure" material many priests only dress in linen robes. Linseed meal, the byproduct on making linen, is used as fodder for animals and flaxseeds are eaten for humanoid populations
fossilized bonevarying sizecan be sharpened and used as a piercing weapon and as a form of decoration and ornamentation. Large unique or strange fossilized bones could become the symbol of a tribe or clan
furvarying color, pattern, and thicknesscommon item for protection from elements and as a basic form of armorcommon
giant squid inkdark-coloured liquidUsed by loresmyths for writing and dwarf tattoo artists. Some enjoy it added as flavor to food. rare
glowing fungusfreshly picked can be stuck onto the top of a sharpened stick and used to provide dim light in 15' circlerare
golda bright, slightly reddish yellow, dense, soft, malleable, and metal.symbol of worth and used for a variety of jewelry, decoration , and religious purposesrare
graniteThe stone is peppered with grey, white, and black specks.
One of the strongest of the common stones. It’s can be found in everything from jewelry to weaponry. Most commonly used as arrow and spear heads.
hawthorntall shrub with thorny branchs. The leaves, berries, and flowers are all used.Commonly used to treat frostburn but effective for a wide variety of ailments including indigestion, diarrhea, and stomach pain. It is also used to reduce anxiety, as a sedative, and for menstrual problems.Hawthorn is also used to treat tapeworm and other intestinal infections.Some people apply hawthorn to the skin for boils, sores, and ulcers.
hayplants with leaf and seed material that are cut and dried food for animals
healing plant or "Gokava"Used to treat major woundsuncommon
bladdera saclike organ which contains gas to control buoyancy Used as a container for liquids, as a flotation device for harpoons, and as a beacon for a path or location (when filled with Mulguun (a type of glowing, floating plankton)
himdrinn heartmassive muscular organconsumed during religious ceremonies as thanks for the successful hunt of the himdrinn. High in protein. Hearts of various creatures are fed to those close to death as a way to guarantee a positive transition to the Ethervale
himdrin entrailsor "offal"Gut strings are used for bows and musical instruments and intestine casings are used for a popular spicy sausage dishrare
hoofkeratine covered tip of a toeboiled to produce glue for bows, strengthening fabric, creating seals, and woodworking
horehoundvery bitteragainst cough
horna natural weapon composed mostly of keratineused as a piercing weapon and as a form of decoration and ornamentation. Conical horns are also used as musical or religious instruments such as the shofar. Skilled bowyers use them as a part of making bows. Small pieces of horn are used as needles for stitching. common
icefrozen waterused to keep food cold and for competitive ice sports
ice of Ysska piece from the Frozen Seaany contact with unprotected skin results in cold damage and a scar. Expensive missile ammo for slings or arrow tips. used to make Primitve "coolers" ?rare
ice stonea snowy-blue elemental stone that shines with white light and has a snowflake pattern inside
intestineTranslucent in color, after washed and soaked. Also referred to as "offal" or "guts"Gut strings are used for bows and musical instruments and intestine casings are used to package and cook mashed small game meat.common
irona silvery grey metalvery rare in anything other than small objects. Rumors of dwarven furnaces and mines capable of making iron weapons in large quantities have been circulating but none have been able to produce one as prooflegendary
jadeornamental green mineralUsed for ceremonial and utilitarian purposes by only the most powerful or important figures and families. Pieces of jade are crafted into many designs and incorporated into musical instruments, jewelry, figurines, pipes, pottery and weapons and armor
kidneyDark red and shaped somewhat like a large bean.This lean meat is not preferred for consumption. It's often mashed, soaked in wild onion juice, and used as fish bait.common
korrigan rootthick brown root with soft red interiorthe greasy interior of the root can be used to make marks in snow or ice
lamp oilVery thin translucent yellow oil is held in clay jars. Easily absorbed by piece of cordage that can burn for hours.uncommon
lardThe gelatinous mass of white and yellow fat taken from the stomach of large beast. Used to make oils for torches and clay lamps. common
leada silvery or dull grey metalfew uses of lead are known due to its softness and dull appearance. Fishing nets had lead sinkers attached and some items were crafted from it such as amulets
leathera natural durable and flexible material created by tanning creatures rawhides and skinscrafting material for armor, clothing, bags, and mobile shelterscommon


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