The People


A Life of Hardship


hose that call this primitive and savage world home lead a simple life full of challenges and hardship. Surviving is a feat on its own, even for hardened adventurers. Surrounded, and often bested by the majestic forces of nature, the people here are deeply attuned to nature. They value instinct, guts, raw power, spirituality, and attunement with earth and ancestor.

The largest organized group of people lives in Ulduria, the single known civilised bastion amidst the endless frozen wastes. Some, looking to escape the increasingly oppressive rule within the Stronghold walls attempt to survive on its outskirts. Several nomadic tribes have formed; excellent hunters and gatherers are sought ought to provide resources for the Stronghold’s inhabitants. Their presence has strengthened the position of the Stronghold, allowing the ruling class the ability to barter for more supplies. This symbiosis is tense and ever-fragile as the Stronghold’s leadership fears that the tribes increasingly inspire the populace to leave the safety of their homes and explore the frozen wastes.


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