Signs of Life

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I am excited to bring you the first glimpse into the world of Savage Dawn, a riveting primal campaign setting for any fantasy roleplaying ruleset. Looking for something different than the go-to medieval stuff? Savage Dawn will test your players, require them to think on their feet and survive in a harsh world without technological advances such as…. metal and underwear. Just kidding.

The campaign setting is still in development. Planning to have a first version of the Starter Guide PDF ready soon. In the meantime, you can download a free preview here.

As a GM you will experience a lot of freedom in this new world. Many of the classic fantasy cliches are not present here. Instead, you can mystify your players with omens in the stars, mysterious ancestral spirits, yawning ravines and a spirit realm that appears on starry nights. Love grizzly combat? Craft your own primitive weapons and armor. Quest for rare materials. Venture outside the walls of primitive civilization and find out what is out there… 

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