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The free primal campaign setting created by the community

The Savage Dawn campaign setting by Loresmyth is free and largely community created. We use our Patreon funds to pay artists , writers and other operational costs.

You are allowed to copy and share the online materials and free PDF publications. This way, as many roleplaying gamers can get to enjoy what we create. Are you an aspiring writer? Love creating quests for players? NPC’s, Monsters? Become a contributor and help grow the campaign world!

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Savage Dawn is a free campaign setting, created by a devout community of collaborators and you can take part. Join our Discord to get started!

We welcome all (aspiring) writers and other enthusiasts to contribute and grow the campaign world. Collaborating is voluntary by default and free of charge.

Writers whose work gets accepted and published on the Wiki and/or PDF publications get paid $0.05 (US Dollar) per published word.

  • Your Author name will be credited where possible. You can use the materials as portfolio and share it.
  • Submitted materials are reviewed and may require changes to be accepted
  • Not all subbmited materials can be accepted and published
  • Some roles are voluntary such as moderator, Wiki manager, Proofreader and Playtester
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Note: Registration is 100% Free. Contributing is Voluntary.

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Join this project and help grow the world of Savage Dawn. We welcome all hobbyists, aspiring writers and artists to collaborate and love learning from eachother.

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Disclaimer: Not all contributed contents may be published, but we take an active approach in making your materials work with our product. By contributing materials, you grant Loresmyth non-exclusive rights to publish and print it as well as use it in marketing activities.