Introduction to the Stronghold

Artist: Daniel Comerci. Used with permission, all rights reserved

The Origins of Ulduria

The exact history of Ulduria, more commonly known as The Stronghold of Man, is shrouded in
mist, but tales are plentiful telling thrilling tales of how humanity first braved the extremes of the
Maw and settled. These men built the towering wall of ice and stone that protects this bastion.
Some legends speak of a more ancient civilization of great intellect and skill that vanished from the
lands. Deep beneath the Stronghold and on walls hidden in caves lie murals of these bygone times, a
source of continuous divination and inspiration.

The first settlers in the Maw were a tribe of humans that chose a valley amidst the high peaks
of the Nurn Cragg mountains. It provides relative shelter from the harsh weather in the Maw, and its
close proximity to an ancient forest that has long since vanished due to lumber provided supplies to
build. This settlement soon attracted the attention of other, largely nomadic, tribes in the area that
became stationary. This fledgling coalition of tribes made arrangements to incorporate and
decided they would choose a tribe Elder each generation to govern the fledgling society.

The Sacred Eye

Within the primitive settlement, initially called Ulduria (Uldur=Sacred, Iri=Eye), the Elder was
either a powerful warrior or shaman, able to function as a conduit between the ancestral plane
and mortal world, guiding the villagers in their daily lives. Hunting and gathering provided a
modest living, and everything was shared equally among the tribes’ members. Over time, the
settlement grew as more nomadic tribes flocked to Ulduria, exchanging a hazardous life on the frozen
planes for the safety of the tribe.

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