This large domed hall in the Solbatik district, constructed from the shell of a Dorr, a gargantuan
sea creature, houses an armed legion of fighters that are tasked with protecting the stronghold in
times of need. Alongside the Dorrhusk is a large timber-longhouse called The Sword, where weapons
are crafted, repaired and stored. They have training regimes and ranks. Often, boys and girls
which show feist and spirit are entrusted to the Dorrhusk at a young age, where they have a chance
at a future of relative prosperity. Training grounds are situated around the dome, where skills such
as sword fighting, archery, mounted combat and stealth are trained by grizzled warriors.
A warren made from the carcass/ribcage of a skywhale holds sabertooth tigers which are used
for training purposes. A high tower reaches for the clouds, where Rangers house their prized bird
companions and hone their skills with falconry.

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