Getting Started

Artist © 2018 Daniel Comerci. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

Welcome To Savage Dawn


The edges of the known world sit unexplored on the horizon. Above, the heavens hold indecipherable messages from the ancestors. Between these, there is much to discover: a primordial world on the brink of discovery, mythic realms of ancestral beings, a single bastion of civilization tries to resist the changes that daring heroes bring to the world, and in the cold depths an ancient secret slumbers.

In the largely uncharted glacial wasteland the inhabitants call The Maw, a single civilized stronghold remains defiant, isolated amidst the endless icy expanse. Within the walls of this city, Ulduria, or the “Stronghold” as the people call it, a patchwork of races vie with one another for the power and knowledge necessary to survive.

Small tribes of hunters and those that seek to break free of the oppressive atmosphere of the Stronghold, roam the Maw; exploring its unknown frontiers.  The few heroes that return from their ventures into the primal wilderness, filled with dangerous predators and natural dangers, bring back tidings that could shake the foundations of the known world.

Forge the Future

Indeed, many tantalizing opportunities for adventure and roleplaying await in Savage Dawn. For example, your heroes can:

  • Explore the wilderness & survive in a primitive world.
  • Discover new and uncharted lands beyond the horizon and leave your mark on the map for others. to follow.
  • Tackle political and tribal rivalry on the brink of revolution and discovery
  • Travel the mystical Ethervale: the ancestral spirit domain accessible only at night.
  • Harness the primal power of the Prysm: A magical force permeating the ancient world.

Dawn of Discovery

The world teeters on the cusp of a new age of discovery. Rumors tell of Eirkyn foundries deep below the earth that are learning the process of turning metallic ore into durable weapons. The reclusive Gnalmyr have begun to unlock the secrets of a crystalline substance known as Prysm. A mysterious group calling themselves “The Loresmyths” are growing restless inside the Stronghold walls and have started to brave the wilds, confident there must be more to the world than what they are told to believe…

Now is the time to join this unfolding story and leave your mark on the world and discover what its’ future holds! At the outset of the SAVAGE DAWN campaign, little is known of the world, the map mostly is uncharted. But all of this is about to change forever as brave heroes venture where none have gone before.

Copyright Loresmyth Publishing. All Rights Reserved. Artwork used with permission.