Braving The Wilds


he wilderness of Savage Dawn is both majestic and is as inspiring as it is dangerous. Massive mountain ranges ascend to unscalable heights while yawning crevices plunge deep into the core of the world where dungeons of unknown origins lie waiting in the cold dark.

The unpredictable arrival of dawn unleashes savage storms of blowing ice and snow upon the landscape. Twilight can sometimes stretch on for days, or be pierced by a sudden sunrise that lasts only for a few hours. The heavens operate without a discernable pattern, their movements instead heralding portents of events in the world. When dawn does come, it brings with it the savage fury of powerful storms – blizzards that obscure sight and bury landmarks, torrents of sleet that cover the exposed landscape beneath a thick blanket of ice, and storms of blowing icy shards that scour stone and ravage bare flesh.

Those content to stay within the confines of civilization never face the true fearsomeness of the icy wilds, but restless adventurers, proud warriors, and sage mages are drawn out to discover what is out there: Heed the call of the wilds and uncover its many mysteries. Whether intentional or by accident, those exploring the uncharted wastes are inadvertently shaping the future of the world.


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