The Prime Elder of Ulduria

Elder Governance

Ulduria is governed as an autocracy, by a long tradition of a chosen Uldurian Prime Elder, who is in
tight control of everything that happens inside the walls. Based on a decree of mutual equality,
the ruler demands everyone to turn over their produce, livestock, and other goods monthly. Over
the years, these practices have resulted in a deep rift between wealth and poverty. Many question
the current rulership and validity of the decree’s originally samaritan intent.

Under the current rule of Prime Elder Solmatus Min and his three Apostles, governance has
grown ever more oppressive. What originated as a benevolent creed to share all possession among the
commune equally, has gradually been twisted into a strict rule, governing all means of production and
trade. Commoners are given a small ration of food and tools on which to survive and demanded to
give all “excess” resources such as animals, hides, and valuables back to the Uldurian commune.
Armed agents make frequent patrols to collect any excess resources and a clear divide between
the rich and poor has begun to show, setting inhabitants on edge.

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