About Factions, Clans and Tribes

The Prime Elder of Ulduria

The governing force is composed of a chosen Prime Elder and three Apostles. Tight rule, but also managed to keep a lot of survivors safe, so they are not wholly evil . Those fortunate enough to live in the better parts of the Strongholds are wealthy, power hungry, and looking down on the nomads/tribes. They want to keep their power and status quo.

Holy Conclave – Priests of Akka

The Priests of Akka, possibly named after their dyed blood-red robes (Akk is blood), actually are comprised of clerics, shamans, monks and other religious characters. Living according to a sober and strict doctrine, the priests spend most of their days performing sermons in the temple on the plateau, meditating or tending the farmlands. Their portentous red attire, with face hidden behind pale bone masks, has earned the Priests of Akka a somewhat sinister reputation.


The Tribunal

Founded in the early days of the Stronghold, the Tribunal is tasked with upholding the law within the walls. Several jurors called The Magistrate of Seven are tasked with judging disputes, crimes and other affairs. Their brutal and often woefully unjust convictions have been effective in discouraging unlawful behaviour. With the increasingly corrupt governance of the Stronghold however, villagers are getting increasingly nervous, afraid of being brought before the Tribunal for any wrongdoings.


Brotherhood of the Forge

Dwarves and other races working the underground ore mines and forges have formed a pact, so defend their rights against the governance of the Stronghold Nobility.

The Loresmyths

go out into the Wastes to map the “unknown” regions and discover the truth about how the Conclave rose to power. A faction of explorers hungry for change, sets out to explore the uncharted wastes, hoping to find clues what happened and how to overthrow the Stronghold powers.

Underhold Marauders

An outlaw band of rogues, fighters, assassins and others living in the underhold region of the Stronghold. They escape the law, steal produce and kill when needed. Black market, thieves

Cult of the Onyx Eye

secretive cult


The Outskirts Clans & Tribes

Live outside the walls of the Stronghold


  • The smaller groups are Clans, often of short-lived fame, but some have been around for quite some time
  • The larger groups are Tribe “chiefdoms”, led by a powerful warrior or shaman


Not in agreement with life and the oppressive rule within the walls of the Stronghold, some choose to live a life on the outskirts, just outside of the city walls. A hard life away from the relative safety of the bastion, and completely self-sufficient and exposed to the harsh weather. Several nomadic tribes live in the outskirts, in crude huts, tents, igloos and sometimes partially underground in ravines, grottos. The tribes relying on survival/hunting to provide a living and know the other perimeter of the Stronghold well, including its monster habitat.


The nomadic tribes are characterized by being strong willed, and very attuned with the earth. They have ritualistic ways, are often spiritual, feeling that the cataclysmic event that shaped the new world was a sign. They excel in survival, hunting and their tribe shamans are said to be in touch with the spirits of their forebears.


  • those living outside the walls often use wolves or other snow creatures to pull them on sleds across the ice flats
  • some have been known to use primitive hang gliders to drift down from snowy peaks across the cold winds
  • some have created strong bonds with some of the wildlife in the outskirts
  • they are very knowledgeable on the dangers of the outskirts (monsters, ravines, avalanches etc) and also how to live there > hunting, gathering, firemaking etc.



large tribe made up of barbarians, druids and rangers. Brutal, proud and highly territorial and knowledgeable on wildlife and the deeper secrets of the earthmother.

Vralldyr Heralds

a group of adventurers interested in X  living in the underground caves near Vralldyr Abyss.

Voices of the Vale

A group of bards, seeking and archiving knowledge about Songs of Passage, required to travel the Ethervale’s myriad portals and pathways.


Whitefang Circle



Bloodrune Tribe

Larger tribe


Mooncrest Clan

Small clan


Clan Luri

smaller clan living near the Luri Vale


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