Campaign Setting for Any Roleplaying Game

Explore The Untamed Wilds

The edges of the known world sit unexplored on the horizon. Above, the heavens hold indecipherable messages from the ancestors. Between these, there is much to discover: a primordial world on the brink of discovery, mythic realms of ancestral beings, a single bastion of civilization tries to resist the changes daring heroes bring to the world, and in the cold depths an ancient secret slumbers.

Welcome to Savage Dawn – the first ever system-neutral, and collaborative campaign world that grows by your game sessions outcomes. 

Savage Dawn in a nutshell:

  • A Primitive Arctic World
  • Majestic Wilderness Exploration
  • Crafting and Survival
  • Mysticism, Spirituality, Magic

How To Play

The Savage Dawn campaign setting is written in a system-neutral fashion and is compatible with any TTRPG of choice. Take your favorite game system such as 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds and start exploring the mystical and barbaric world of Savage Dawn. Use it as an entirely new world, or adopt the exciting new materials, locations and characters into your existing world campaign.

*Note: Savage Dawn is currently in development. Join our Discord to learn more and participate in early alpha

Take your favorite game system (5e, 2e, Pathfinder etc)

Create your Hero character like normal.
Play with stats and rules like you always do.

Now step into the world of Savage Dawn.
Try to come back alive to tell the tale.

Submit Play Reports and have your actions influence the future of the world. Discovered a new location? NPC? Let us know!
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What makes Savage Dawn Unique?

There are plenty of fantasy campaign settings out there to choose, so why go with Savage Dawn? Let us walk you through some of the highlights of what the setting offers:

  • Wilderness exploration and survival in a primitive age
  • Discover new and uncharted lands beyond the horizon
  • Political and tribal rivalry in a world on the brink of revolution and discovery
  • Mysticism and Spirituality. Constellations instead of Gods, Star-signs, Songs of Passage
  • Travel the mystical Ethervale: the ancestral spirit domain that becomes accessible at night
  • Harness the primal power of the Prysm: A magical force permeating this ancient world

Savage Dawn offers a refreshing roleplaying experience that will make you and your players feel like roleplaying again for the first time. By doing away with many of the cliches and hurtling your players into a primal world not structured by technology and governance, your players are forced to think on their feet. Solutions and strategies that work in medieval settings may not hold up in a barren world without metal, laws, calendars or even written language. Indeed, truth is often just a matter of which bonfire tale is passed on from tribe to traveler….

Development & Collaboration

Savage Dawn is currently in development. The campaign setting “Starter Guide” is very far in progress, in addition to several smaller expansions such as locations, monsters, NPCs and maps. You can download a sample preview PDF to get a feel for what Savage Dawn has to offer.

Like to collaborate or help?

Want to get involved? There are several ways to help Savage Dawn grow and known to more roleplaying fans: